Trademark and intellectual property protection

Comprehensive legal support: from trademark registration to interaction with custom authorities.
our goal
Fighting counterfeit products (counterfeits and "grey" imports) during the import process into the customs territory of the Russian Federation and counterfeit distribution prevention on the domestic market.
One of our company's focus areas is an intellectual property rights protection and all the measures to ensure fighting against violations of exclusive rights.

One of our main goals is to counter the distribution of counterfeit products (counterfeits and "grey" import), prevent its entry through the customs borders of the Russian Federation, and take measures against violators of trademark rights.

We provide a full range legal services for brand protection:

- Maintenance of the customs registry of intellectual property of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

- We take measures to fight "grey" imports, counterfeits, fake products, including:

- Legal support of administrative and criminal cases;

- Preparation of responses to requests from law enforcement and customs agencies;

- Representation of Principal's interests in law enforcement, administrative and judicial agencies;

- Conducting researches to detect presumably counterfeit products;

- Interaction with staff of Principal's company;

- Conducting of training sessions for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Federal Customs Service, participation in seminars of law enforcement authorities

- Detecting sites of production, storage and sale of presumably counterfeit products;

- Participation in raids of law enforcement agencies, prevention maintenance of production, storage and distribution of counterfeit products.

- Legal support of proceedings on criminal cases in order to ensure legitimate rights and interests of Principal as a victim.

Why us?
Team of experts
Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals: lawyers, patent attorneys and analysts who have many years of practical experience in the protection of brands on the Internet, legal and intellectual property protections.
Individual Approach
Before starting the work, we carefully study the specifics of your business for a better understanding of potential threats.
Results-driven Work
We always use a complex approach to the assigned tasks and work to achieve the most effective results.
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