Monitoring of brand mentions on social networks and mass media

Automatic data collection and information field analysis around your brand
Brand mentions monitoring is a way to promptly know about what is being written about your company, its products and services. Many companies face sudden appearance of negative comments on forums and review websites. Or, for instance, a community emerges on a social network, which purposely posts confidential or negative information about your brand. Your competitors can also post a press-release on specialized news websites, aimed to cause reputational damage.
Threats your brand can face
Unofficial communities
Your competitors, or even employees, can create communities of the same name with your brand and post information on behalf of your company, thereby causing direct reputational and financial damage to your brand.
Counterfeit and piracy
Social networks, thanks to their popularity among Internet users, are a convenient way to sell fake products and post download links to pirated content.
Fake communities and accounts
Criminals can create a community on Facebook or VK, similar in name to your official community. Then they start to attract users on behalf of your brand, for instance, offer to take part in prizes drawing (cars, mobile phones, apartments). It can require a registration, during which users will type their credentials on a phishing webpage.
Dissemination of negative information
A widespread threat to modern businesses. Negative information about your company can appear on specialized review websites. Former and current employees can post confidential information about your company. Social networks can also be used to post links to fake topics on specialized forums.
What we monitor?
Real-time data collection: messages from social networks can be collected within couple of seconds after they were published, posts from other sources – within couple of minutes.
Social networks and forums
VK, Facebook, Twitter, OK.RU, LiveJournal, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Yandex.Market, blogs, forums, reviews, etc.
Online mass media
Russian federal, regional and sectoral mass media, biggest foreign news sources.
Websites of government agencies, social, political and international organizations, companies that form the market.
Why BrandSecurity?
Team of experts
Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals: lawyers, patent attorneys and analysts who have many years of practical experience in the protection of brands on the Internet, legal and intellectual property protections.
Individual Approach
Before starting the work, we carefully study the specifics of your business for a better understanding of potential threats.
Results-driven Work
We always use a complex approach to the assigned tasks and work to achieve the most effective results.
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