Online Reputation Management

Monitoring of brand mentions, product reviews management, removing of negative content from the top of search results (SERM).
Online reputation management is a relatively new service for Russia. It allows modern brands to promptly react and repel information attacks. Many companies face sudden appearance of negative comments on forums and review websites. Or, for instance, a community emerges on a social network, which purposely posts confidential or negative information about your brand. Your competitors can also post a press-release on specialized news websites, aimed to cause reputational damage.
What we offer
Below is a short list of what we have to offer you to effectively repel negative content online.
Monitoring of competitors' actions and its analysis
Automatic data collection (mentions, reviews) about your competitors' products or services.
Employer's reputation management
Your employees post negative information about you? Or write lies on review websites? We will help you build a strong HR-brand.
Removing of negative content from the top of Yandex and Google search results
We will promote targeted content about your company, post and replicate information in order to get rid of negative content.
Reaction to negative content, denial, explanation.
Participation in discussions in order to protect your brand and eliminate reputational risks.
Company's ratings improvement on review websites.
Comprehensive work with review websites – increasing positive reviews, removing negative content.
Search suggestions generation and management
Creating "the right" image of your company among potential customers through management of search suggestions.
Participation in profiled discussions on specialized forums.
Engaging your target audience to discuss products and services, creating a positive image
Interaction with platforms (review websites, social networks, forums) in order to remove negative content.
Making claims in order to remove negative content
Why us?
Team of experts
Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals: lawyers, patent attorneys and analysts who have many years of practical experience in the protection of brands on the Internet, legal and intellectual property protections.
Individual Approach
Before starting the work, we carefully study the specifics of your business for a better understanding of potential threats.
Results-driven Work
We always use a complex approach to the assigned tasks and work to achieve the most effective results.
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