Detection and blocking of fraudulent mobile apps

Protection of your mobile applications from copying and illegal use of symbolism or content.
Users who download your mobile app from unauthorized sources can get a negative user experience, which can cause reputational and financial risks for you company. Mobile application is a modern and convenient way to build communications between brand and its customers. As of September 2016, Apple has announced that total of 140 billion apps were downloaded from the App Store. More than 65 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play.
Online threats for your brand
Trademark fraud
Fake mobile applications can use your trademarks in their name or design in order to increase user confidence.
Spread of malicious software
A visually similar mobile application can be created under the lee of a famous brand in order to spread malicious software.
Phishing mobile applications
The purpose of creation and distribution of a phishing mobile application is to steal user credentials (login and password). In the future, this information can be used by criminals for a spam mailing or to steal money from users.
Pirated content
In order to attract new users and to make money from paid subscriptions, fraudsters can add digital content, owned by you, in their applications. It can be movies, books, games, software, fonts, and other types of content.
Как мы работаем
Наше решение по мониторингу мобильных приложений позволяет эффективно идентифицировать и удалять приложения, противоправно использующие Вашу интеллектуальную собственность, из магазинов (маркетплейсов) приложений (App Store и Google Play). Мы основываемся на долгосрочном сотрудничестве с данными организациями, что позволяет нам устранять выявленные нарушения в кратчайшие сроки. Также, в случае обнаружения приложений на неавторизованных площадках (веб-сайтах, форумах) мы добиваемся блокирования нелегального контента.
Why us?
Team of experts
Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals: lawyers, patent attorneys and analysts who have many years of practical experience in the protection of brands on the Internet, legal and intellectual property protections.
Individual Approach
Before starting the work, we carefully study the specifics of your business for a better understanding of potential threats.
Results-driven Work
We always use a complex approach to the assigned tasks and work to achieve the most effective results.
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