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BrandSecurity helps the importer of Magformers construction sets in the fight against counterfeiters

Gymworld Inc. (the rights holder of the Magformers magnet construction set's trademark) recently faced a problem with counterfeiting on the Russian market. Due to the high popularity of the construction sets in both offline and online shops, counterfeit sets under the brand Magformers and analogues in seemingly original packaging, began to appear.

The internet is the main channel for the distribution of the counterfeits and the analogues and it is also the most problematic market segment in terms of copyright protection. BrandSecurity, specializing in the protection of brands on the Internet, was hired in May 2017 to battle the sellers of goods that violate the intellectual rights of manufacturers.

Experts in fighting counterfeiting had been monitoring the Internet for several weeks to detect the illegal use of the brand and counterfeiting channels. Counterfeit goods were actively sold via social networks, and therefore one of their main activities was the suppression of this activity and blocking the supply of counterfeit goods.
During the period from May to mid-June 2017, specialists from BrandSecurity were able to detect and quickly block more than 230 cases of counterfeit selling of Magformers construction sets. Counterfeit and analogue selling advertisements have been blocked both on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki) and on individual websites and popular bulletin boards.

"Сounterfeit sellers's activity is a serious negative factor for our brand. Counterfeit sellers use our recognizable trademark to sell low quality products that are potentially harmful to the health of buyers and their children. In addition, analogue manufacturers exploit the project lay-outs of the Korean manufacturer and frankly steal the packaging design and methodical manuals, which misleads the buyers of the original product. Both are a threat to our reputation."
Vladimir Artamonov, CEO of "Art-toys" LLC., the Russian distributor of Magformers
"Today the intellectual rights situation in Runet is quite difficult and the sellers's accounts can have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, with the web-based counterfeiting stores rating high in the top search results. However, systematic detecting and blocking of the channels of distribution of counterfeit goods can help to achieve good results. In collaboration with Magformers, we managed to quickly block a significant number of violations at short notice. We are preparing all the necessary information and evidence data on these violators to be transferred to judicial authorities to protect our client's legitimate rights to intellectual property and trademarks."
Ruslan Krivulin, CEO of BrandSecurity
Gymworld Inc. and its representative will continue to defend their rights and business interests on Russian Federation territory.
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