Fighting against distribution of counterfeit products on the Internet

Detection and blocking of counterfeit products distribution sources on the Internet
Runet audience now stands at more than 80 million people, 54% of them make purchases on the Internet every month. This is a huge audience that will only grow each year. This fact is also actively used by criminals who sell counterfeit products under the guise of well-known Russian and foreign brands on online stores, create accounts and communities to sell counterfeit products on social networks, post ads on classified advertisements websites. At the same time, contextual advertising services Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords are widely used to attract customers.
How we act
We believe that only a comprehensive and proactive approach to the brand protection allows to effectively fight against daily emerging online threats.
Search results
Monitoring of TOP-500 search results on keywords requests to detect facts of illegal use of intellectual property rights for trademarks.
Social networks
Monitoring of social networks (communities, publics, accounts) to detect facts of intellectual property rights infringements – VK, Facebook, Instagram,, Twitter, Pinterest.
Monitoring of paid advertisements (Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords) to detect infringements of intellectual property rights and facts of realization of counterfeit products.
Classified ads websites and auctions
Monitoring of more than 30 largest websites of classified advertisements (including and and subsequent blocking of ads, which infringe our customer's intellectual property rights.
Domain names
Searching of domain names, which are similar to the name of your official website, to detect fraudulent websites.
Shopping aggregators
Monitoring of shopping aggregators Yandex.Market,, Wikimart, to detect intellectual property rights infringements.
Blocking of violating websites
The work to eliminate intellectual property rights violations or facts of distribution of counterfeit products is based on a daily cooperation with hosting providers and domain names registrars. We are trying to secure a pre-trial blocking of violating websites or removing of a content, that violates your rights.
Blocking of communities and accounts on social networks
One can safely assert, that already almost everyone on the Runet actively uses social networks on a daily basis, including for searching and buying of goods. VK has a monthly audience of 87 million people, Facebook - more than 14 million users a month, and the audience of Instagram comprises 18.5 million people. We will help you efficiently and, most importantly, quickly block communities and accounts on social networks, involved in sale of counterfeit products or supply of services on behalf of your brand.
Removing ads and lots
In order to attract the maximum number of users to their website or increase a number of subscribers of a community or an account on social networks, sellers of counterfeit products often use classified advertisement websites (,, etc.) to post information about products or services. We will help you quickly detect these facts and stop the distribution of counterfeit products by removing such ads or lots.
Removing shops from Yandex.Market
Yandex.Market is a service that helps to shop, compare products and read product reviews. The monthly audience of the service comprises about 20 million people. Unfortunately, shops, which offer counterfeit products of famous brand, can often be found on Yandex.Market. We can elicit these facts and know what to do to remove such shops from Yandex.Market.
Blocking of pay-per-click advertising
We wrote above that in order to attract visitors to their website sellers of counterfeit products often use an efficient tool - contextual advertising (Yandex.Direct, Google.AdWords). If, at the same time, the name of your brand is used to increase user's confidence, we will help to eliminate the violations and block such ads.
Removing of pages from Google search results
When it is impossible to delete pirated content from the website itself, or it can take a long time, you can use an effective tool of removing of pages (URL), which violate your intellectual property rights, from Google search results. This will allow to reduce internet traffic of "pirated" websites. To do this we use Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).
Why us?
Team of experts
Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals: lawyers, patent attorneys and analysts who have many years of practical experience in the protection of brands on the Internet, legal and intellectual property protections.
Individual Approach
Before starting the work, we carefully study the specifics of your business for a better understanding of potential threats.
Results-driven Work
We always use a complex approach to the assigned tasks and work to achieve the most effective results.
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